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How to get your essay in shape

Structure: How to get your essay in shape

If you are still at the beginning of your essay, you first need suitable literature to work on your topic. Since it is not important to give a comprehensive overview of the available secondary literature in an essay, a few suitable works will suffice to form an opinion on the topic. When structuring the literature, proceed as you would with a term paper. You mark important passages in the text and make notes, and you can mark interesting chapters in books with a Post-It.

Once you have worked through the available literature, you have to formulate a thesis for your edusson.com review. A thesis is an assertion that is subsequently substantiated. Only when you have formulated a clear thesis can you then build a meaningful argument. For example, your thesis could be: "Writing an essay places significantly higher demands on a student's language skills than writing a term paper." In your essay, you would now have to explain why you are of this opinion by means of several arguments.

Structure of an essay

The essay is divided into an introduction, main body and conclusion.

Introduction. In the introduction, you introduce your thesis and explain the relevance of your topic. In this way, you give a brief outlook on the argumentation that you will conduct in the following.

Main body. In the main body, you now list all your collected arguments, facts, quetions like "is papersowl.com scam" and examples. Make sure there is a red thread in your argumentation. Your arguments must build on each other in a meaningful way. It is often advisable to place the strongest argument at the end. This is the part that the reader will remember the most.

Conclusion. Here you summarise your results and develop a conclusion. At this point, you can, for example, give an outlook on the significance of your topic in the future or in other areas.

An essay is much shorter than a scientific thesis. The required length is usually eight to twelve pages. In addition, there is a bibliography with about eight to ten appropriate books or articles on the topic of the essay. You only have to include secondary literature in the bibliography and not in the form of footnotes in the body text. Each university offers its own guidelines for writing an essay, such as TU Dresden.

Language: The personal touch is important

In terms of language, the essay is by all means a demanding text form, although it does not follow any strict rules. But it is precisely this free formulation of ideas and thoughts that is difficult for inexperienced authors. Especially if you have become accustomed to a rather scientific style of language in recent years.

The essay wants to convince. Convincing with the written word is not always easy. It requires Resumespice review, clear and pointed language that is easy to read and yet conveys a certain lightness. Foreign words and technical terms must be explained so that the content is also understandable for people outside the field. It's best to read through a few essays. This way you can familiarise yourself with the particular linguistic style.

Linguistically gifted authors can also use stylistic devices such as irony, alliteration, metaphors, similes, hyperboles or climax. If these rhetorical terms don't mean anything to you, you shouldn't bother with them. In any case, your writing style should show a personal touch. ​​

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